Pixel Feature Drop: Supercharge Your Day!

Calling all Pixel fans! Get ready to unlock even more from your devices with the latest Feature Drop. This update brings a wave of exciting features for your Pixel phone, Pixel Watch (both generations), and Pixel Tablet, making them even more integrated into your daily life.

Pixel Power Up! New Tools for Productivity & Health

Pixel Phones Get Smarter

  • Enhanced Call Screen: Struggling with silent callers? The improved Call Screen now prompts them to speak with a “hello” chip, helping you understand their reason for calling. If you can’t answer right away, Google Assistant lets the caller know you’ll get back to them soon.
  • Instagram Power: Capture stunning videos and high-quality photos with your Pixel. Now, you can share these directly on Instagram Reels (HDR videos) and your feed (Ultra HDR photos) for a truly immersive experience.
  • Circle to Search Arrives on Pixel 7: Need information on the fly? Circle to Search, which lets you search anything by highlighting text or images, is now available on Pixel 7 and 7 Pro!

Pixel Watch Gets a Boost (Both Generations!)

  • Advanced Workouts on Your Wrist: Train smarter with the first-gen Pixel Watch! Pace Training helps you maintain your desired pace, while Heart Zone Training tracks your effort across different zones, allowing you to optimize your workouts. Both features come with a redesigned interface for easy viewing.
  • Auto-Start/Stop Workouts: No more manually starting or ending workouts! The first-gen Pixel Watch now automatically detects your activity and starts/stops your workout accordingly (running, walking, elliptical, etc.).
  • Breathe Easy with Fitbit Relax: Take a moment for mindfulness with the Fitbit Relax app, now available on the first-gen Pixel Watch. This guided breathing exercise app helps you unwind after a workout or whenever you need a moment of calm.
  • Public Transit Navigation (First-gen & Gen 2): Never miss a bus or train again! Google Maps on Wear OS provides public transit directions directly on your Pixel Watch. Get real-time departure times, different route options, and a compass-enabled map view to guide you to your destination.

Pixel Portfolio Gets More Powerful

  • Screen Share Your Way: During video calls, you can now choose to share only specific apps on your Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, or newer Pixel phones with app screen sharing. This allows you to keep other things private while collaborating.
  • Effortless Device Pairing: Connecting your new Pixel device to previously used accessories is a breeze! The improved Connected Devices settings page allows you to access and quickly pair your Bluetooth® devices with Fast Pair.
  • Handwritten Feedback in Google Docs: Reviewing documents on the go? Google Docs Markup lets you add annotations directly on your Pixel device using your finger or stylus. Choose from different pen colors and highlighters to mark up documents with ease.
  • Maximize Your Pixel Tablet Screen: Gboard’s improved voice toolbar minimizes the keyboard when voice input is activated. This gives you more screen space for multitasking on your Pixel Tablet.

This Feature Drop is all about enhancing your Pixel experience. So, update your devices and get ready to enjoy these new features that help you be more productive, stay healthy, and get the most out of your Pixel ecosystem!