Section 11 of Domestic Violence Act | DV Act

Here we will see Section 11 of Domestic Violence Act | DV Act.

Section 11 of Domestic Violence Act As Per The Central Government Act

11. Duties of Government.— The Central Government and every State Government, shall take all measures to ensure that—

(a) the provisions of this Act are given wide publicity through public media including the television, radio and the print media at regular intervals;

(b) the Central Government and State Government officers including the police officers and the members of the judicial services are given periodic sensitization and awareness training on the issues addressed by this Act;

(c) effective co-ordination between the services provided by concerned Ministries and Departments dealing with law, home affairs including law and order, health and human resources to address issues of domestic violence is established and periodical review of the same is conducted;

(d) protocols for the various Ministries concerned with the delivery of services to women under this Act including the courts are prepared and put in place.

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