ViVO V30 Pro: Capture Like a Pro with ZEISS, Stunning camera

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ViVO V30 Pro, co-engineered with ZEISS, is here to elevate your mobile photography experience and turn heads wherever you go. Let’s delve into what makes this phone truly exceptional:

Master Your Moments with ZEISS Expertise

The ViVO V30 Pro boasts a revolutionary camera system co-developed with ZEISS, renowned for their legendary optics. Say goodbye to blurry photos and hello to crystal-clear memories thanks to:

  • ZEISS Professional Portrait Camera: Capture professional-grade portraits with precise 50mm focal length, replicating the human eye’s perspective for natural and realistic results. Even at a distance, the 2x zoom delivers stunning close-up quality.
  • ZEISS Triple Main Camera: Every lens is certified by ZEISS, ensuring exceptional image quality. This powerful system includes:
    • 50MP AF Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera: Capture expansive landscapes and group photos with a wide 119° field of view. AI Group Portrait ensures everyone is in focus and smiling, while autofocus lets you capture fleeting moments with clarity.
    • 50MP VCS True Color Main Camera: Experience superior image purity and vibrant colors thanks to VCS technology and a large 1/1.49″ Sony IMX920 sensor. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) minimizes blur for sharp, steady photos even in low-light conditions.

Unleash Your Creativity with ZEISS Style Portrait

Go beyond the ordinary with a variety of artistic portrait styles inspired by legendary ZEISS lenses:

  • ZEISS Biotar Style Bokeh: Recreate the distinctive swirly bokeh effect for a unique and captivating look.
  • ZEISS Planar Style Bokeh: Achieve classic portraiture with sharp subject focus and a smooth, blurred background.
  • ZEISS Distagon Style Bokeh: Introduce a touch of artistic flair with hexagonal-shaped bokeh elements in the background.
  • ZEISS Sonnar Style Bokeh: Create a romantic atmosphere with a dreamlike, blurred background.
  • ZEISS Cinematic Style Bokeh: Shoot cinematic-style portraits with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio, oval flares, and a blue trail effect, reminiscent of classic movies.
  • ZEISS Cine-flare Portrait: Capture movie-like flare even in strong lighting conditions, while advanced algorithms ensure natural and clear portraits.

Showcase Your Work with Confidence

Add a touch of authenticity to your photos with two sets of ZEISS borders and signatures. These unique watermarks instantly elevate your creations and make them stand out on social media.

Experience Life in Vivid Color

The vivo V30 Pro delivers vibrant and lifelike colors that closely match what you see with your own eyes. This is achieved through a combination of:

  • ZEISS Natural Color: Reproduces colors accurately, ensuring exceptional visual brilliance on your phone’s display.
  • vivo Textured Color: Captures subjects with true-to-life textures, adding depth and realism to your photos.

Capture More Smiles with the 50MP AI Group Selfie Camera

Fit more friends and family into your selfies with the 50MP AI Group Selfie Camera. This high-resolution camera ensures everyone looks clear and vibrant, capturing every smile and special moment.

Designed with India in Mind

The V30 Pro comes in two elegant color options: Classic Black and Andaman Blue. The Classic Black exudes timeless sophistication, while the Andaman Blue celebrates the vibrant spirit of India with hues reminiscent of the Indian Ocean.

Durable and Powerful, Built to Last

The V30 Pro boasts the largest battery capacity ever seen in the vivo V series, ensuring an uninterrupted user experience even in demanding situations. Super Battery Saver technology further extends battery life, giving you peace of mind.

Here’s a glimpse of what the V30 Pro offers:

  • 4-Year Battery Health: Double the lifespan of your battery compared to the industry standard.
  • 80W FlashCharge: Charge your phone to 100% in just 48 minutes.
  • Up to 23 days of maximum usage: Enjoy extended usage on a single charge.

Experience a Sleek and Immersive Design

The V30 Pro features a stunning 6.78-inch Ultra-Slim 3D Curved Display with a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth visuals and an immersive viewing experience. The One-Piece Cloud Step Design, crafted with rippling magnetic particle fluorite AG glass, adds a touch of elegance and premium feel.

Unleash Your Inner Vlogger with Vlog Movie Creator

Create professional-looking vlogs effortlessly with the Vlog Movie Creator. This built-in suite offers various features