Section 9 of The Banking Regulation Act

Here we will see Section 9 of The Banking Regulation Act.

Disposal of nonbanking assets. Notwithstanding anything contained in section 6, no banking company shall hold any immovable property howsoever acquired, except such as is required for its own use, for any period exceeding seven years from the acquisition thereof or from the commencement of this Act, whichever is later or any extension of such period as in this section provided, and such property shall be disposed of within such period or extended period, as the case may be:

Provided that the banking company may, within the period of seven years as aforesaid, deal or trade in any such property for the purpose of facilitating the disposal thereof:

Provided further that the Reserve Bank may in any particular case, extend the aforesaid period of seven years by such period not exceeding five years where it is satisfied that such extension would be in the interest of the depositors of the banking company.

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